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Greetings, everybody.  My name is Gary and I am 44 years old, live in NJ and work in NY.   Married, 3 kids.   I am originally from Texas so I am a bit of an anomoly up here, but I have been up here 10 years now.  I have a 15 month old Brittany I have been training and hunting this past year.   We did three horseback trials this Fall at a club I belong to and had a lot of fun (even placed in them!).

Most of my hunting has been WMAs, and an annual trip back to TX for quail.   I finally got the dog so i can get down to business on grouse and woodcock, which have been largely unknown creatures to me.

I am an A. B. Frost enthusiast and collect his original chromolithogrpahs.  I also like Boris Riab and Robert Abbett.

I also try to shoot clays whenever my family life will afford me the time.  I could shoot clays everyday.

Other than embarrassing myself playing hockey, pretty much all my free time and thoughts surround guns, dogs, hunting, and sporting art.  I was out of it for about 10 years and have a lot of catching up to do.

I recognize several of you here from other forums.



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Welcome to Upland Journal.  And New Jersey.  There are a good bunch of folks in the Mid-Atlantic UJ community,  it would be great to meet you at some point.  


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Welcome to the dark side!  You will find this a better board (IMO) than what you have seen "other" places.

All the best,


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People hunt in Jersey? :D

Welcome, Gary.  We do some training days from time to time in the spring and summer -- any type of dog welcome -- even "pointing" Labs.

Just avoid that Briarscratch character like the plague -- becoming friends with that dude just leads to no good.

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Welcome...haven't played hockey for years....but fond memories.
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Uh oh, what have I gotten myself into????  

Thanks everyone. Hey Fuess!  I recognized tmoneyjsu too on another thread too.

I train at the English Setter Club in Medford.  Nice place.  Briar, always looking for folks to hunt and train with.   I went grouse hunting in PA a week or so ago with a guy met on another forum.  Always great to meet folks who share the same interests.

Yeah, when my rear end isn't on the ice, my stick normally is.   :D

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