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Hey, I see you are from upstate NH.  Went up there this past Fall - Pittsburg.   God certainly painted that area with a beautiful brush!

I think that was either no. 4 or no. 6 3-1/4 dram game load.  I have a Lanber o/u 12 gauge that I hunt with.

I don't live that far North, but I can hunt five minutes from my house.

Sounds like the perfect load for pheasants.

Every once in a while a few guys get a thread going to discuss the wide variety of pheasant loads out there.

That Rprovines guy is a $#*$@ expert on pheasant loads.

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I actually never skated in my life until I was 35.

That is simply amazing! People coming late to skating don't normally get skilled enough to play organized hockey, at any level. Twenty years ago I went back to the rink after a hiatus of 10 years, and I'll tell ya, it weren't pretty. Even though I played a lot in my younger years, hockey took full measure of me at age 35.

Tip of the Canuckian toque to you.  :cool:

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Beautiful dog. What's her breeding?


Thanks!  Above is a link to her pedigree.  Dam is Marjo's Alakazam and Sire is Bucks Hit the Road Jack.  Both are NJ dogs and the sire was the NGDC back in 2005.

Cool. We're related.  My 7 mo old Mookie is from Buck's Parker and a beautiful bitch from PA, Molly from Gary Guz.

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