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A Little UJ Mojo for Sadie

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My little GSP Sadie should be whelping this weekend. Due date is Sunday, temp is dropping and at 100, she slowed down on her eating, she's lookin' like she's ready. Could use a little mojo for a healthy whelping. Doc says we're having 4-5. It's been a while since I did this, but I'm counting on her to do what dogs have been doing for eons. Wish us luck, pics will be forthcoming after they're on the ground.
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Wishing you all the luck. I did it once 3 years ago. Looked for help from everywhere.Called vets ,colleges ect. Finally my breeder who I had helped out alot(a little grease goes a long way) told me to bring her up the week before.What a relief.She had 10 beautiful golden pups with 6 faucets working. They all went to good homes and I wish I could have seen their hunting potential as oppossed to being pets.

Soon this will happen again and hope they get to do what they were bred for.

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