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light a survival fire with a shotgun shell.

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Congrats on your new Governor BTW. How long is this one expected to last?

Let's see.  It appears this will be your third or fourth Governer to get a Dept. of Corrections uniform.  I can't find what odds Vegas is giving for the new Governer so I'll take all action.  Over/under would be 12 months.

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not looking good on either point Ron.

No matches or powder needed, Erik.


Nice 'x', bright red, enclosed by a little box, sweet, made my day. Thanks.

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I tried fixing RE1's attached graphic (I can see URL if I try to edit it). The URL looks fine and when pasted into a browser it shows the image. I even had it show up in a quote below original post but not in RE1's. Very freaky.
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O.K.  So you are saying that I just need to have her as a hunting partner and I will stay nice and warm at night?

I wonder if my wife would approve of that survival plan?  Come to think of it, I'd probably die when I returned home, so it doesn't seem like much of a survival plan after all.  Besides I think she looks sort of young as is not blonde...

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