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Breakfast Boy

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Breakfast Boy

Figured pipe smoking is classy, like upland hunting and fly fishing.  So here is an official thread just for the unofficial UJ Pipe & Tobacco Club.  Post pictures of your pipes, give us some tobacco reviews, ask questions, etc.

I smoked a bowl of our local shop's Cherry Vanilla earlier today.  Not too bad, but I get tongue bite everytime I smoke it.  Might mix it with something next time.

Here is my pride and joy, a Comoy Trend estate pipe that I bought for $30....


I also have a Missouri Meerschaum cob pipe and a Savinelli Duca Carlo...


I just sent my grandpa's old pipe off to get repaired.  Should have it back within the next week or two.  The stem is broke.  I figure the sentimental value is priceless...


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Does that bottle of sent-a-way have anything  to do with the pipe. My best friend growing ups Dad always smoked a pipe, it may be time to give this a go any suggestions for a newbie.
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I don't have any photos yet but I will get to it.

Just wanted to add:

Peach Melba (Tinder Box) is brilliant.  Smells like peach candy and tastes like it too.  Cool smoke, no bite, packs great.  Smoke it slow, too hot and a lot of condensation builds.  It is a good smoke.

Midnight or Black Cathy.  Mmmmmm.  This is a good all day. Slow vanilla, molases and cool.  Sticky sweet but fast becoming a favorite.  Oh let it sit out and the room smells lovely.  My office smells heavenly says my secretary.

Tried Cherry Almond, and Balck Cherry...  not bad, but I could live without them.

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Breakfast Boy
Real humdinger of a thread ya started buddy!

Shut the &%$# up and post a picture of that pipe you got, boy.

Tried mixing two tobaccos from our local shop.  I mixed their Rasberry and their Columbian Mocha.  It was mediocre.  I prefer their Columbian Mocha on it's own.

MSchafer, no the Scent-A-Way has nothing to do with the pipe or tobacco.  LOL!  My pipes and stuff are down on my work bench right now, where I also keep some of my hunting gear.

For a good start, find a local tobacco shop (not one of those discount places).  They will suggest a decent pipe within your budget and some tobaccos.  Start with some aromatic stuff.  My Savinelli Duca Carlo (middle pipe in the picture of my three pipes) was about $40 new.  I bought that pipe, four ounces of tobacco, a tamper tool and some pipe cleaners for around $50.  You can get started cheaper if you want.  Walgreens usually sells Missouri Meerschaum cob pipes that, while only being $5, still smoke pretty good.

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I'll post pictures later on, but what I've been doing lately is

finding good pipes at a reasonable price...10.00 or less...at antique shops.

Do I mind smoking another's pipe?  Not really.

Here's a picture...Savinelli pipe with assorted tobacco:


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Do I mind smoking another's pipe?  Not really.

Back in my pipe smoking college days, an 80 year old family friend tried to give me his collection of pipes after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. That collection included Dunhills, Brighams, meerschaums, etc. totalling about 18 in all...priceless. They were all lovingly smoked by this businessman and art collector but stupidly I refused, thinking that his son might want them. Alas, his son's wife threw the "disgusting" things away :(  :angry: .

I still smoke a pipe on occasion, and would not have a problem smoking another man's pipe.

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I spent some time with my cam and my meager collection this evening:

My first pipe....bought it in a Tobacco store in the mall and the guy gave me a pouch of Lane Limited 1Q and off I went.  I've actually smoked this one so much that it went sour on me  :(


My first good pipe and still a goodie:



Carol wanted to stop at a touristy shopping place near her parents called Historic Smithville I happened upon a tobacco shop wile she was shopping and grabbed this one and some 1Q and passed the time on one of the many benches.  I don't smoke it much, I'm more into bent shapes but it's a decent pipe


This is one of my favorites and I'm not sure why, I just love this little pipe.  I paid $12 for it I think and the shank actually cracked and I was so disappointed I sent it out and had it repaired (that's where the band came from).  It's great for a 5 minute smoke, weighs nothing, and smokes well.


Another small I picked up when the previous one was damaged.  It's ok.


Another eBay find.  Not sure who made this one but it's L.L Bean Branded.  I bought it more for the coolness factor and haven't smoked it yet.


Got lucky with a lowball bid and picked up a genuine Dunhill:


Now for my favorite and my pride and joy.  My Peterson.  I got it for 75% off because it had discolored from the display case lights and couldn't be sold as new.  So for the princely sum of $27 I had a brand new Peterson.


Two years ago for my birthday Mom gave me a leather Peterson case.  It has zippers on both sides, one side is lined for tobacco and the other hold a pipe, matches, cleaners, and a tool.  It's awesome for traveling and taking a pipe along just in case:


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I was tucked in for the night with 2 fingers of bourbon and then I saw this...grabbed the camera and ....

I can't tell you who made them...both were purchased at "Jerry's" on the mall in Denver...the bigger one(My first pipe)in 1985(in the old location) and the smaller one just 2 months ago.  I like their house blend "Whiskey" and some of the other house blends they have.


The big pipe has been a standby...and all I really need for the once a month or so that I smoke...but I tried hunting with it, and it was just too big...so I saw the mini, and for $21 snapped it up...this fall it is going into the bird vest.

The bag and Zippo "Pipe" lighter have been with me for about 20 years or so...the pipe shop in Montrose closed and I got them on a good deal...the Zippo has my initials...did that about 10 years ago...just for fun.

By the way BB...I love this thread...I am a once or twice a month smoker...but I sure enjoy it and love to see the other pipes.

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Breakfast Boy
GREAT pics fellas!  Very nice collection you've got going there Mooney!!  I'm so jealous!  Do you have a rack for them yet?
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What a great thread!

I'm a Peterson man myself. I'll have to get the pipes out tonight when Deb's asleep and very quietly take pictures of my babies in the basement :).



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I am not a smoker, but LOVE to be around a pipe smoker. My Grandpa smoked one, brings back good memories.
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