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Upland Journal Board Guidelines/Rules

Brad Eden

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 Upland Journal Bulletin Board Guidelines
That includes Gun Control/Rights Topics.

The Administrator and Moderator of this board has the responsibility to provide a safe, secure, yet thought provoking digital "Covert" for members to visit and enjoy and participate on. It’s the Members responsibility to keep it civil, respectful, entertaining, and resourceful.
Please adhere to the following guidelines:
Political Topics and Topics/Posts which include Gun Control/Rights content with the exception of some that are strongly linked to upland bird hunting will be locked or hidden or deleted. Religious based Topics and Posts have also proven to divide and alienate the Membership, and will be Moderated or removed.


  • No Hot Spotting: Posting on any Forum a specific spot, particular area, or town, or photos with signs, or obvious and recognizable landmarks describing and depicting a bird hunting area. Those will be removed.


  • If you feel you will become indignant or become hostile about having your Topics and Posts edited or deleted or your Topics locked or removed please DO NOT participate on the Upland Talk Bulletin Board.


  • Abuse or harassment through Topics, Posts, Messages, or e-mail directed towards Administrators or Moderators or fellow Members may immediately result in losing membership privileges or being suspended or banned from the board.


  • Threats of physical violence in any form directed towards Administrators, Moderators, Members or any person being discussed on the Forums may immediately result in losing membership privileges or being suspended or banned from the board.


  • Keep Posts clean with no profanity, and respectful, and refrain from demeaning or slandering fellow participants or third parties. You will often disagree with fellow members, but also agree to disagree and walk away.


  •  Registering or trying to register with double or more memberships and/or supplying User Name or Passwords to banned or restricted members may immediately result in losing membership privileges or being suspended or banned from the board.


  • Contact the administrator/moderator before creating Topics or making Replies promoting organizations or soliciting for raffles or for donations to organizations, businesses, causes, or individuals….to see if they are acceptable and do not take advantage of the generosity Upland Journal members are known for.


  • Do not use the Forums to sell and market; puppies and dogs, guiding, outfitting, to promote competing bulletin boards, other social media venues, and self-promotion of websites, businesses and services. There is a Classified Ad Swap & Trade Forum for Donating/Contributing Members to sell items, and an Upland Artisans Forum to promote talents. There are also UJ Sponsor Forums, and opportunity for Display and Banner ad space. URL's in Signatures are allowed.


  • If at any time you feel that the Upland Talk Board and it's moderating practices are not suited for you please contact the administrator/moderator to arrange the deletion of your membership. There are other sporting websites/BB's and social media groups available to fit anyone's tastes.


  • Any behavior on the Forums or through PM or Board e-mail functions that threatens the well-being and integrity of the Upland Journal website Board/brand and it's members will immediately result in losing membership privileges or being suspended or banned from the board.

In Summary: The Administrator & Moderators reserve the right to edit and remove Topics and Posts as well as lock and delete Topics that are deemed inappropriate, indecent, mean-spirited, malicious, slanderous, threaten the well-being of the Upland Journal Discussion Community or do not reflect the spirit and brand of the Upland Journal Board. We reserve the right to restrict Membership privileges, delete Memberships and Suspend and Ban Members if deemed necessary.

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