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Upland Journal Ad Sponsors

Brad Eden

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Upland Journal Discussion Forums are not inundated with flashing, repetitive and out of context advertisements…by design. There is no “Adsense” program implemented resulting in blocks of real estate taken up with monotonous ads. Upland Journal does not try to compete with the major social media websites where there is a huge mass market. The Upland Journal Board/Community is a focused, earnest, niche, and rich Upland environment for the exposure and marketing of Upland and bird dog related gear, companies, and services. Sponsor Ads rotate randomly on all UJ Forums and pages, upon refresh and while browsing….at top under masthead, and at bottom of pages and on the right bank.


All Sponsor ads are viewable to Guests on the Home Page and all Guest Forums. And of course are viewable to the 1000’s of Registered Members as they browse the many Discussion Forums. Ad Sponsors benefit from a focused, niche, and earnest Upland Hunting and Bird Dog audience


If a potential Ad Sponsor is relying solely on click data they will be disappointed with “advertising results”, and should stick with Facebook and other larger venues. The very nature of a niche Board is that Ads do not get clicked on a number crunching click happy rate. But the mention and discussion about Ad Sponsor products and services by upland hunters on the Forums has value that can not be quantified nor tracked by click data. 

For Ad Rates and Specs, and questions and if interested in becoming a Ad Sponsor on Upland Journal please use the Contact Us feature at the bottom of Home Page.

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