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Registering to Become a Member of Upland Journal

Brad Eden

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If any current Registered Members who haven’t signed-in for a spell and have trouble, or can’t remember Password contact UJ via the Contact Us email link on Home Page.


*The Registration Function is turned On and Off periodically (link on upper right of Home Page) so I can catch up on New Registrations and review for Spam, Trolls, etc. That status can be found here: Member Registration Schedule


*THE FOLLOWING IS NOT BEING ADHERED TO: If Registering to become an Upland Journal Member PLEASE add enough information in the required Interest Field that indicates you are a warm blooded human, and interested in Upland bird hunting, and are not Spam or a Troll. Using single or just a couple words in the Interest Field like: Hunt, Birds, Shotguns, Grouse, Hunt and Fish, Dog Training, etc., will result in NOT being Authorized. Spammers and Spam Bots and Trolls tag onto those words when they try and Register. Once Authorized you can edit that info in your Profile. I don't immediately remove suspect Registrations, but if contacted by the Registrant via the Board Contact email, and confirming an earnest interest in Upland Journal, I can then Authorize. Once registered and if there are no spam or troll indications, you will be authorized within a few daysBoard and Member security is my top Priority.


PLEASE do not use a business name (Kennel, Training, Business, Guiding/Outfitter, etc.) as a User Name. Marketing and Advertising by Members is not allowed on any of the Forums. The exception is for UJ Ad Sponsor Members who are allowed some flexibility, and on the Swap & Trade Forum where Donating/Contributing Members can place “Ad Topics”, or the Upland Artisans Forum where art, crafts, etc., can be marketed. 


I STRONGLY suggest New Registrants read the Board Guidelines linked below. These Rules are strictly and rigorously enforced. If you find these Rules are too strict, please do not register to be a Member on UJ.




*Upland Journal is funded and thus kept on the internet via Voluntary Subscription support. Supporting Members are placed in the 2023 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER GROUP with enhanced Board and Member Privileges. General info for unregistered here: Member Groups & Privileges

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NOTE: I am still receiving Registrations with people adding one or two words in Interest field (covered above in red type) Words like grouse or birds or bird dogs or hunting and fishing etc. I do not authorize those Registrations since spammers and trolls glean or glom onto those words when they register. Please add enough info to ensure you are a warm blooded earnest upland hunter. Once Authorized you can edit that info in your Profile. If someone finds themselves not Authorized after a few days that may be the reason. Use the Contact Us function on Homepage to let me know and I can then Authorize Membership. Board and Member security is a top Priority. Thank you. 

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